Following the column in the magazine ‘Linda’, here’s my list:

That the webshop is so slow in sending stuff, that it would have been faster to wait for the weekend and go to the store in person.
That DIY-men automatically think you’re not going to install it yourself.
That the lift in my building breaks down with some regularity.
Only having a good hairday on the one day you don’t/won’t leave your house.
That cats shed hair.
People that forget to brush their teeth in the morning.
That my cats can open cupboards and drawers.
Fellow drivers who always stay on the 2nd or 3rd lane, even (especially) when the 1st lane is completely empty.
That rain always causes a traffic jam.
That I can never take my cats’ purring with me.
Comic Sans.
Being late for an appointment, even if it’s me.
Vegetarian hamburgers.
A bad reed.
That you don’t see your size is unavailable until purchasing your order.
That ‘ritsen’ does not work because people do not give others an inch on the road.
That friendships dilute
To have to pauze your movie because there are 7564534 heavy motors waiting for the traffic light.
That my favorite clothes, are also the favorite clothes of my cats
People that ignore ‘spitsstroken’ on the right side of the road.
Shop assistants that chase you through the clothing store.
That my taste in clothes does not fit on my body. Even without 3stone.
Parking below the dixi-tree.

To be continued…