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Shall we do it the other way around for a while?

The days in which we had to work during daytime because the sun was out, and you needed the light because otherwise you couldn’t see anything out on the field, are over. We’re up to our eyeballs in technological development, everyone is talking about ‘the new way of working’. But if you then try to start working during the night instead of the day, people think you’re crazy! As soon as I have some time off, my days shift automatically. I’m up until the small hours, have a great time and sleep in till midday. This rhytm then does not change, this appears to be my natural rhytm. With an equal amount of sleeping-hours!

But then I have to re-adjust to ‘how it’s supposed to be’. Why the new way of working? Not that it’s a problem, I have two cats who will wake me up when my alarm clock does not. But still it’s expected to be awake AND productive during office-hours (UGH). And both times of standing in line on the motorway proves there are (too) many people still working and travelling on ‘normal’ times.

If I would work on my ideal set of hours, I would never be in a traffic jam and I would never have an early morning-mood. Because in the morning, I’d be asleep. Too bad I’d get less sun-hours in the day. This could be bad your vitamin-D creation, but as I’ve learned in the past year: there are perfectly good supplements (prescription) available! Even going to the supermarket on my hours is better. Little children are in bed and the elderly are watching Lingo!

With the new way of working is used as a fashion-term, or as a means so squeeze a few pennies. Less people in the office means less office space.. But we’re not really reorganising our time in an effective way.

In the meantime I will keep dreaming of a morning-free-live and i’ll make sure my alarm clock is set in time.