Music has always played a big role in my life.

Back when I was still little, innocent and cute, music already appeared in dance.
I’ve danced in many ways until i was, well, 19/20? It all started with Jazz-dance. More or less the same group for years, same trick, and great fun. When I was around 15 years old, ballroom dancing was added. Little later I quit dazz-dance and solely focussed on ballroom- and latindancing. Not just lessons, but also competition-training, I made it to the demonstration team and I basically joined everything I could at the dancing school.

After 6 months abroad, I didn’t take up dancing again. Shortly after I returned I was introduced to making music (thanks to Ilse and Nanda) in shape of the baritone saxophone. The best-best-best saxophone there is 🙂 I play this saxophone at the Oranje Harmonie.


And because, because he may not be forgotten, sinds 2/3 years, my bass-guitar!