UPDATE 16 february

So, this is it. The second (consecutive) juicefast is completed, all in all I’ve juiced for 37 days. Only juices from my own slowjuicer/blender.
It’s been tough, especially mentally. Physically it was quite easy to keep up, but my head was playing funny tricks with me about ‘not eating’. I’m very proud to have persevered, and I’m even more proud of the result…

I’ve lost 17,5 kilo in weight!

Screen Shot 2016-02-16 at 10.01.53

A nice line donwards. The days that go straight ahead instead of down are days on which I did not weight myself. I’ve dropped 2 or 3 dress sizes, my waiste is 10cm smaller.

And now?

For the next week I’m going to let my body get used to solid foods again. Easily digestable foods, and a lot of fruits and veggies, only this time not in juice form.


After that, I’m going to work on the next 15 kg, with a fixed diet. A mix between the right things at the right time on the right moment of the day, and juices. Because those juices… I don’t like them anymore. But my body is doing amazing on them so I’m going to keep them in my daily routine.

never give up on dreams unicorn

UPDATE 25 january

It’s about time I wrote an update!
In the end, I started one day before I meant to start, on the 10th of january.
The first week, I followed the program of Jason Vale, I was allowed about six ‘juices’  a day.


On day one, I mainly spent my time using the slowjuicer, I’m very happy I used the sunday to do this! Thankfully, when you make six juices a day, you get handy quite quick with preparing and cutting up the fruit and veggies! Day two was also different from the rest, I was a bit foggy, a bit down. It’s good to keep up, and already: no hunger!

From day three on it has been more or less the same. In the evening I make all the juices for the next day. In the morning I put them all into a bag and take them with me, and soon I noticed, six juices a day is a bit much for me. I end up at four juices, and trying hard to stay there.


The first week of juicing came and went, and now what?


In two ‘bridging days’  on which I used my favorite juices of the seven day-cure, I prepared for the next challenge. 28 days of superjuicing!


By now I’ve got a week behind me, and three weeks ahead of me.
It’s not very hard to keep it up, although it’s not much fun. I miss eating together, I miss chewing and I miss cooking (who would’ve ever thought!)


To close off this update.. the first 10 kilograms have gone! Yisss

27 december:

2016 I’m going to start (or rather, 11th of januari it begins) juicing.

The first 7 days, i’ll be following a program by Jason Vale a.k.a. ‘The Juicemaster’, I’m looking forward to it with much anticipation about how my body will respond to it and what it’s going to bring me. It’ll be an experience at least, and a nice ‘cleansing’.

At this moment I’m still busy with:
– finding out how my slow juicer works (received this as christmas present, xoxo family)
– trying to locate the ingredients of the juices and smoothies (where do you find wheatgrass?!)
– making an inventory of how many travelling cups I need to be able to keep juicing in my normal life
– ordering the needed supplements that go into the juices and smoothies

Before, on and after the 11th of januari I’ll be registering my progress. I’m not sure yet if I’ll be brave enough to put all the ‘before’ measurements on the web, but maybe I’ll have the guts to do this when I’ve dropped some weight. In any way, I’m going to try to get you a graph in which you’ll see a line down (weight), and a line up (how I’m feeling).

some day unicorn